What is marijuna made of?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Marijuan is made out of dried leaves and flowers of the hemp plant.

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Q: What is marijuna made of?
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Is marijuna addicting?

It can be.

How do you cross breed Marijuana?

how to crossbreed marijuna

Is smoking marijuna good for you?

No smoke as much as you want.

How was Elizabeth I harmful to England?

she smoked some marijuna

Did nell gwynne have breast cancer?

no he smoked to much marijuna

Why is marijuna astimulant?

it increases your heart rate and heightens some senses

What ia a safe drug to lower blood pressure?

Medical Marijuna

What are some nicknames for marijuna?

kush, bush, dro, weed, maryjane, green,

Is ecstasy a party drug?

No its a stupid drug and posion everu drug out there is posion beside marijuna

What are the side effects of BBB formula butt enhancer?

If I smoke marijuna and take the Depo-provera

Can you drink marijuna?

Marijuana is actually a leaf, which is a solid, and not a liquid, so marijuana cannot be drunk.

How long does it take to get three puffs of marijuna out of your system?

it should only take about 2 days