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Menstrual flow is blood, uterine tissue, discharge, and cervical mucus. Menstrual flow occurs during menstruation, also known as a period.

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Q: What is known as menstrual flow?
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Does ginger affect menstrual flow?

Ginger does not affect the menstrual flow.

Why is your menstrual blood alternating between red and brown?

Menstrual flow will normally be red, but during lighter flow it will take time for the blood to leave your body and thus it will turn brown. It is completely normal for menstrual flow to look red or brown and alternate between the two because menstrual flow isn't a constant flow.

What is Aunt Flow?

Menstrual Cycle

What is the passageway for menstrual flow?


When does a woman have her menstrual flow?

A woman has her menstrual flow during menstruation, which is at the start of her menstrual cycle. The typical menstrual cycle is around 28 days, meaning she should menstruate roughly every month.

What is the medical term meaning excessive discharge from the uterus?

Menorrhagia is excessive menstrual flow, and metrorrhagia is abnormally frequent menstrual flow.

What is the contents of menstrual bleeding?

Menstrual flow consists mainly of uterine cells, uterine tissue and blood. Menstrual flow will also contain vaginal discharge, cervical mucus, and vaginal skin cells that are carried along by the menstrual flow as it passes through the vaginal canal.

Where does the menstrual come from?

Menstrual flow comes from the uterus - it is the secondary uterine lining that builds up during the menstrual cycle in preparation for possible pregnancy. Menstrual flow is then expelled via the cervix and through the vaginal canal.

What do you call the opening for menstrual blood?

The opening through which menstrual flow flows is the vaginal opening. Menstrual flow leaves the uterus via the cervix and then passes through the vaginal canal.

What is the First menstrual period known as?

The first menstrual period is known as "menarche".

What is the term for lack of menstrual flow?


What are the Drugs to increase menstrual flow?


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