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it is called Archiovery

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Q: What is ironic Colonel Lloyd's treatment of his horses compared to the treatment of his slaves?
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What is ironic about Colonel Lloyd's treatment of his horses compared to the treatment of his slaves?

The irony lies in the fact that Colonel Lloyd treated his horses with care and concern, ensuring their well-being and comfort, while he subjected his slaves to inhumane treatment, abuse, and exploitation. This stark contrast highlights the dehumanization and cruelty faced by the slaves despite being considered valuable property by their owner.

What is ironic about colonel lloyd's treatment of his hores compared to the treatment of his slaves?

They treated the horses like people and the slaves like animals

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Why was it particularly difficult to be slaves in charge of Colonel Lloyd's horses?

In "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass" Colonel Lloyd is a cruel and demanding master toward his slaves. He will have Old Barney or Young Barney whipped for problems with his horses, regardless of whether either slave is at fault for the problem.

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