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Secret Service Special was a trade name used on inexpensive revolvers retailed by the Rohde-Spencer Company of Chicago. The Howard Arms Co name was distributed by H&D Folsom, usually on shotguns made by their subsidiary company, Crescent Firearms, or imported from Belgium. If R-S ordered revolvers from Folsom, they would quite possibly have both names.

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Q: What is information on a Howard Arms Co 38 revolver that has stamped on the Barell Secret Service Special?
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What does ctg mean when stamped on the barrel of a 38 special Smith Wesson 6 shot revolver?

ctg = cartridge

What is the value of 32 SW CTGS Secret Service Special hammerless revolver patented May 17 1922 with 14 stamped under the trigger guard?

Seldom exceed 80 USD

What is the value of a colt police positive 38 special revolver with serial number ST.L.PD. no.1880 stamped on the butt?

Type your answer here... Can you e-mail me at regarding the revolver?

What does a P with a line over a 12 stamped inside the gate near the serial number on a 455 colt new service revolver mean?

It could be the benchmark of the gunsmith who assembled the revolver.

You have an old revolver you need info on it says Texas ranger for 38 colts special ctgs every part is stamped number1?

Blue Book of Gun values is a place to start.

What is a colt cowboy ranger revolver?

There is no such thing. The Cowboy Ranger revolver is not made by Colt. The reason it has Colt stamped on the barrel is because you can use Colt ammunition. The Cowboy Ranger revolver is a pre WW1 revolver that was distributed in the US but also brought over from the soldiers as they returned from the war. If you can find any information on the manufacturing date and how to identify it please let me know

GH on the wood grip stamped under the gun?

First of all describe the gun. Is it a revolver, or a shotgun? A revolver has a grip but so does a shotgun (actually a for end).

What is the value and date of manufacture for a 38 Special Colt Army or Army Special double action revolver in nice shape with serial number 307311 and an N stamped below the serial number?

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Where is the serial number located on a Smith and Wesson Model 10 38 Special revolver?

Usually stamped on the frame. Swing out the cylinder, and it's below where the barrel meets the frame. Usually starts with a"K", or "1K",etc. On older S&W revolvers, it was stamped on the butt of the gun.

Where is the production year stamped on colt 38 police positive revolver stamped at?

The production year is not stamped on a gun. It is the serial number that is used to tell which batch was made in a particular year. Go to: for listings.

What if your American double action revolver has 300 stamped under the handle What does this mean?

Probably an assembly number.

What is the value of a 38 sw special ctg stamped on right side of barrel 6-cylinder revolver no patent date left side of barrel smith and Wesson?

Age of smith Wesson serial no 5K4166

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