What is indirect causation?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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A direct cause is when you can determine beforehand the result: for example a car accident makes a dent on the car, or injures the passengers.

An indirect cause is a chain of effects, that are difficult or impossible to predict. Usually the chain involves a human factor.

For example a car accident injures a person, the person then becomes depressed and later kills herself.

or maybe the accident affects emotinally someone of the helpers, who then decides to change jobs.

direct cause: I fall on poison ivy -> I get itchy rash

indirect cause: I fall on poison ivy -> I get itchy rash, I scratch itching rash -> it starts bleeding aka indirect cause: 'falling on poison ivy makes my hand bleed'

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Q: What is indirect causation?
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How do correlation and causation differ?

Correlation is when two things are related or have similar properties and they can exist independently. Causation means that one thing made the other thing happen.

What does causation entail in the law of indirect enrichment?

Causation is the theory that something routinely occurred; either by normal action (i.e.: the rain falls thereby causing the the street to be wet), or by complete chance (i.e.: your house is hit by a meteorite).You will have to take this meaning and determine yourself how it might equate to "indirect enrichment."

What is a causation chart?

What is a causation Chart?

What is a sentence with causation in it?

The blast was causation of the mis-handling of the chemicals. It is the sentence with causation inside it.

What is the science of causation called?

While there isn't exactly a science of causation, there is a principle of causation, which is called causality.

What is 1 factor putting stress on the earths resources?

Depletion of natural resources due to mining, petroleum extraction, fishing and forestry as well as indirect causation due demography, economy, society, politics and technology

What is the definition of 'mediator'?

A mediator assists people who are in a dispute come to an agreement.The mediator is the who mediates. To mediate means:to occupy a middle positionto act through an intervening agencyto exhibit indirect causation, connection, or relation

Correlation alone causation?

Correlation alone cannot be able to complicate causation.

What is personal causation?

Personal Causation is an individual's sense of own competence and effectiveness.

How do you prove causation?

The best way to prove causation is through a series of tests. If your hypothesis continues to show that one event causes another, then you have proven causation.

Does correlation always equal causation?

No! Correlation by itself is not sufficient to infer or prove causation.

What is the wheel of causation?

the wheel of causation de emphasizes the agent as the sole cause of disease