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The hook and loop on a hat is the velcro at the back, where it does up, the loop is the soft furry side of the velcro and the hook is the hard,scratchy side!

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Q: What is hook and loop on a hat?
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What does hook and loop closure mean when talking about hats?

Hook and Loop is basically the same thing as Velcro, but due to the copyright on the name Velcro, many manufacturers have opted for using the term hook and loop.

When working with Velcro which is the hook and which is the loop?

The two sides of velcro are the hook and the loop, also sometimes called the male and female sides of velcro. The hook is the scratchy, male side. The loop is the soft, female side. I'm not an expert in french, but I believe the word vel-cro comes from the words for loop and hook, in french.

What is a hook and loop style boxing glove?

Hook and Loop refers to velcro closures. Good brand names are Adidas and Everlast.

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What is the job of a nylon hook in velcro?

Velcro is a basic hook and loop, the hook catches the loop when your put them together, and hence, can hold a lot of strain when there area lot of pairs.

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a hook you put hats on, durf!

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What research is the invention of hook-and-loop tape?

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With a slip knot on the crochet hook, grasp the knot with your left forefinger and thumb. With the hook in your right hand, put the head of the hook in front of the working yarn. Turn the hook to face the yarn and hook it. Turn the hook back toward you and then down to point at the knot held in your left hand. Pull the hook through the slip knot making sure a loop of the working yarn is pulled through. Do not let the loop fall off the hook. Following chain stitches are formed by using the hook to pull a loop of the working yarn through the stitch already on the needle.

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