What is hereditary slavery?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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If your mother or father is a slave, then when you are born, you are automatically a slave.

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Q: What is hereditary slavery?
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Slavery in Virginia from 1662-1720?

1662-Virginian law makes slavery hereditary. 1691- Virginia prohibits interracial sexual contact. 1705- Virginia slave code established

Who were the Aztec slaves?

Aztec slaves were not people captured in war. Likewise, slavery was not hereditary. A person became a slave either when he was sold by a family member into slavery or as a punishment for committing a crime.

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Is is an infection that is hereditary

Is syringomyelia hereditary?

Syphilis is not hereditary.

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Is Sacrococcygeal teratoma hereditary or environmental?


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no albinism is a hereditary.

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There are plenty of ways to use hereditary in a sentence. You could say that your brown hair is hereditary.

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With the exception of bacteria cells, hereditary material is held in the cell's nucleus.

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