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A prepaid phone service is a bit more expensive than a contract phone service. They can be cheaper if you need a disposable phone so someone can't track your regular number.

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Q: What is good and bad about prepaid mobile phones?
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Are mobile phones at good use?

yes and no as they are 'bad' for your health

Uses of mobile phones by students of secondary level - good or bad?


Where can I get a cheap cell phone no contract?

Most cell phone providers ( verizon, AT&T, T-mobile) offer prepaid cell phones for people who have bad credit or want a cheaper phone. Tracfones which are available at Wal-Mart specializes in prepaid cell phones.

Are mobile phones bad for health only when you are calling someone?

Mobile phones are not necessarily bad for your health whether you are calling someone or are receiving calls. Studies have not shown that mobile phones damage your hearing or cause tumors, although there are many rumors regarding this type of incident.

Is the mobile is good for the childhood?

it can be good or bad, it depends on how the child uses it. good because in case of emergencies they can call their parents or anyone who can help them bad because it can be misused by bringing it to school and instead of paying attention in class they would play with their mobile phones. Hope that helps :)

Are palm mobile phones real easy for the consumer to use?

"Palm mobile phones are real easy for consumers to use, although have a bad reputation for breaking very easily. and are very hard to fix when broken, I would suggest getting a good plan for it."

How does mobile phones effect tongan way of life?

mobile phones have a great impact on the Tongan way of life. It can effect the way we use it, and influence not only us but others to do bad things. Us teenagers might not realize how bad it can effect our studies and personal time. However using mobile phones can be good if used in the correct way. Ways to minimize youre time using the mobile phone is : - Minimise the time of hours you spend using the phone.-Turn it off when studying.

Are t mobile prepaid phones the best option for someone with bad credit?

Major cell phone companies are reluctant to deal with those with a bad credit history but, pre-paid phones offer a great option for those who have bad credit because there are no credit checks involved with obtaining a pre-paid phone. The consumer pays as he goes along, eliminating the use of services that haven't been paid for.

What are the example of technology that give bad effects?

mobile phones giving out microwave radiation.

How do you get mobile finance with bad credit scoring?

Perhaps you should be considering PAYG phones? If not, try for a list of retailers who be able to help. good luck.

Cell phones with no contract for those with bad credit?

There are many cell phones plans that do not come with a contract. This would mean that your phone plan would be pre-paid(i.e you pay before you use the service). I will list them - Virgin mobile, U.S cellular, AT&T prepaid, Tracfone and Verizon prepaid. These cell phone service providers offer different plans, rates, phones and coverage, but they all have no credit check and no contract. Pre- paid plans are a great way to save money and have complete freedom of choice.

Are cell phones good or bad?

They are good. Just plain good