What is free SSL certificate?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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It's a free download that provides communication security over the internet. Examples are web browsing, electronic mail, and instant messaging as well as internet faxing.

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Q: What is free SSL certificate?
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Can you get SSL certificates for free?

I recommend two answers to this question and the first one is, get free SSL certificate And the second one is, instead of getting free SSL certificate for certain period go with self-signed SSL certificate to protect your websites data and users information.

How can one acquire a free SSL for a persons blog?

A secure socket layer certificate is needed to encrypt data that is transmitted over the internet. To obtain a free SSL certificate you must have the following information: name, address, phone number and email. Then you can go online and sign up for a Free SSL Certificate.

Where can one obtain free SSL certificates?

SSL certificates can be obtained on Instant SSL's website. This allows one to test the certificate for free before it goes live. After the trial period you will be charged.

What should you look for on a SSL certificate?

While purchasing ssl certificates, there are few things that should be keep in mind such as the ssl certificate is from the trusted certification authorities or not. One more and important thing is price, yes same ssl certificate is available with different pricing at different re-sellers of ssl. Choose the best one by comparing price and features of ssl certificate. Purchase ssl certificate as per your requirement like if some one have multiple sub domains then they should buy wildcard ssl certificate and some have multiple domains then they should buy SAN (multi domain) SSL Certificate. Now browser will only allow 2048-bit SSL certificate from January 2014, so its also the thing to look forward when purchasing ssl certificate.

What purpose does an SSL cert have on a website?

An SSL certificate serves the purpose on a website for security. An SSL certificate is used for the primary protection of the user while they are online.

Where can a cheap SSL certificate be obtained from?

SSL (security sockets layer) certificates are not too difficult to obtain. Some can be purchased for free. One site that has them at cheap prices is cheapssl.

Which would be the best and cheap SSL Certificate in 2013?

COMODO POSITIVE SSL Certificate is the cheapest SSL Certificate. Starting at only $49.00 per year, Positive SSL is one the most cost effective SSL Certificate available today. SSL certificates can be purchased for a term of up to 10 years. See the related link.Issued in minutes, Positive SSL certificates provide the highest levels of protection for business websites.

How strongly encrypted are Comodo SSL certificates?

There are many options for one seeking a Comodo SSL certificate. When one uses a Comodo SSL certificate, one's files are strongly encrypted and protected.

Which is the cheapest SSL Certificate available in the market now in 2013?

There are many provider's offering great deal's on SSL Certificate's as low as 4.99 for One year. With Different SSL certificates The price's will vary

What is a Wildcard SSL certificate?

A Wildcard SSL Certificate is one of the type of SSL certificates security, which protects multiple sub domains including a single fully qaulify domain name on the same server and IP address. A WildCard SSL Certificate is the highly recommeded SSL certificate security for eCommerce categorized websites who normally needs multiple sub domains to create every time different sub domains for different niche.

What must you do before you can enable SSL support?

bind the SSL requirement to a particular server certificate

Where can one buy a Verisign SSL certificate?

One may quickly and easily purchase a Verisign SSL certificate online at verisign dot com. They offer very cheap and quick service, and allow a user to get their Verisign SSL certificate in a matter of a few days.