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a month

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Q: What is four weeks old Never five and would be older than Adam if he were alive?
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How many weeks would you have been alive if you are 12?

On your 12th birthday, you've been alive for 626 weeks plus an extra day.

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if it never happened, lots of people would be alive,America would not have hatred on Iraq and there would be no history on the Persian Gulf War

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No. A fossil would have been alive and much older, so a coin is not a fossil.

Are some of the world war 2 soldiers of the us alive?

Yes there are some still alive to day but they are getting older. The younger ones would be about 85 years old today.

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glass is non-living, as it was never alive. if it was made of animal matter, then it would be classed as living, even if it was dead. Sand has never been alive, so it is non-living

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It was never alive to begin with so theoreticlly, no it would not.

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Can a baby survive if born at Weeks?

i had my second son at 27 weeks pregnant. He is now 17 and perfectly healthy. You would never have guessed he was premature.