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a heavy toy car

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2012-05-14 14:11:05
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Q: What is faster a heavy toy car or a light toy car?
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Will the mass of a toy car affect the car's speed?

Yes. If it is heavy it will go slower than a light toy car, if it is light it will movefaster than a heavier car.

A heavy toy car will travel further than a light toy car?

I'll accept that. What's your question ?

Does a heavier toy car go faster than a lighter toy car?

If there's a slope down the faster one would be the heavy one. On a flat surface with no slope, the light one may start off much quicker; Although, the lighter one has a higher chance of flipping over.

Why does a heavy toy car go faster than a lighter toy car and get acorss a jump?

A heavier toy car is better to go down a ramp and make a jump better than a light car because the heavier the toy car is, the faster gravity will force it to roll down the ramp, and with all its speed, be able to make the jump. Of course, you wouldn't want to make the toy car so heavy so that it barely or doesn't move at all. Just like drops of water when it's raining outside and a few drops hit your window. The heavier drops drip off faster than the smaller ones, and that goes the same with cars, too.

If a toy car has weight added to it and then sent down a ramp will it go slower or faster?

If the toy car's ramp is on 45 degrees and if the toy car is put on some weight, the toy car will go faster because it goes faster, which makes the car go further.

Will a heavy toy car go faster than a lighter toy car go down a ramp?

Yes. The weight of the car will cause the force of gravity to push it down with seemingly more force than the lighter car. And so this would make the car go faster down a slanted surface, which is the ramp.

How does the car move faster than a toy car?

because the little toy car doesn't move by its self

Will a heavy toy car go faster than a lighter toy car go gown a ramp?

Yes, heavier cars would have a lot of force, gravity would push it down with seemingly, down the inclined plane

What makes a toy car go faster?

An engine;)

Does a toy car fall faster than a pencil?


Why a toy car can't go faster than a real car?

because a toy car has smaller wheels and is remote controlled and a real car has bigger wheels and runs on gas

Does toy car weight determine toy car speed?

Mass (and weight) certainly does have an impact. Other factors that come into play are how much energy the engine exerts (a toy car with an engine that exerts the same amount of energy as a more massive toy car can travel faster on the same surface) and how much friction is generated by the wheels and the surface the toy car is traveling on. If the (toy) car is going down a ramp,if you add say another two or so grams, the car will travel faster

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