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Amenorrhea is when the period is gone for other reasons than pregnancy and in this case too much exercise.

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Q: What is exercise induced amenorrhea?
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What can help to prevent amenorrhea?

Simply following a healthy exercise and nutritional program can help prevent amenorrhea, as can reducing stress and learning relaxation techniques.

What causes amenorrhea?

Amenorrhea is when one or more periods are missed, or an absence of menstruation. Factors that cause amenorrhea include insufficient eating and excessive exercise, pregnancy and breastfeeding, certain medications such as birth control and physical deformities.

What if you developed amenorrhea after depo and period was induced?

If you induce vaginal bleeding after having Depo-related amenorrhea, you bleed from your vagina. It does not "jump start" your normal period, it doesn't mean you ovulated, and it doesn't get Depo out of your system faster.

How is amenorrhea prevented?

Primary amenorrhea caused by a congenital condition cannot be prevented.however, women should maintain a healthy diet, with plenty of exercise, rest, and not too much stress, avoiding smoking.However,many cases of amenorrhea cannot be prevented.

What are cardiovascular stress test codes used for?

exercise-induced studies, pharmacologically-induced studies,

What are signs of primary amenorrhea?

In addition to low body weight or excessive exercise, other causes of primary amenorrhea include Turner's syndrome, a birth defect related to the reproductive system, or ovarian problems.

What girls are most vulnerable to amenorrhea?

Amenorrhea is most common in girls who are severely underweight and/or exercise intensely, both of which affect the amount of body fat necessary to trigger the release of hormones that, in turn, begins puberty.

What term is given to a female athlete who has an eating disorder and develops amenorrhea and osteoporosis?

It sounds a lot like anorexia. Anorexics have been known to partake in strenuous exercise, develop amenorrhea and bone degeneration AKA osteoporosis.

What exercises induce asthma?

Exercise induced asthma is where you get asthma from exercese

Does laughter Yoga help with asthma?

Unless the person has exercise-induced asthma, yoga would have no effect on asthma. If they do have exercise-induced asthma, it is possible that the yoga could actually trigger an attack.

What are primary causes for secondary amenorrhea?

Causes include pregnancy or breastfeeding, sudden weight loss or gain, intense exercise, stress.

Sickling of RBCs can be induced in those with sickle-cell anemia?

Vigorous exercise

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