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Blood TestsEUC - Electrolytes (Sodium/Potassium/Chloride)/Urea/Creatinine

This test involves taking between1-4 mls of blood from either a vein or an artery. This test looks at the basic chemical balance of the blood as well as kidney function. An imbalance in the chemical makeup of the blood will occur in a number of circumstances. This test will also indicate whether replacement of a body salt is required. Urea and creatinine are a direct measure of how well the kidneys are working.

This test is usually performed on admission to the ICU and on a daily basis. If there is a concern regarding the kidney function or chemical balance the EUC will be repeated more often. For example when a patient is on dialysis this test is usually done 4 times a day. If potassium (an essential body salt) is replaced the test may be repeated to see if enough has been given.

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Q: What is euc blood test?
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