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Q: What is different between ascomycetes and phycomycetes?
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What are Names of five types of fungi in the world?

5 types of fungi in the world are... Rots, yeasts, molds, mildews, and mushrooms.

What is the difference between ascomycetes and zygomycetes?

what is the difference between ascomycotes and zygomycotes

What are fungal mycelia without cross-walls?


What are characteristics of phycomycetes?

phycomycetes are generally found in aquatic areas. they are found in decaying wood and damp places. mycellium of phycomycetes is aseptate and coenocytic. they reproduce by forming zoospores and aplanospores endogenously and sexually by the fusion of isogamous, anisogamous and oogamous gametes.. examples are albugo, mucor, rhizopus etc..

What is the kingdom phylum class order for fungi?

Fungi is the name of the kingdom. (Kingdom: Fungi)Fungi is classified into different classes.Class: Phycomycetes eg: Mucor, RhizopusClass: Ascomycetes eg: Penicillium, YeastClass: Basidiomycetes eg: Ustilago. Puccinia, Agaricus(mushroom)Class: Deuteromycetes eg: Alternaria, Colletotrichumclassification of Rhizopus stoloniferKingdom: FungiPhylum: ZygomycotaClass: ZygomycetesOrder: MucoralesFamily: MucoraceaeGenus: RhizopusSpecies: stolonifer

Why is penicillin placed in the group ascomycetes though sexual reproduction is absent in them?

Because penicillin is made out of the fungus ascomycetes.

What are the importance of ascomycetes?

In terms of ecological processes, ascomycetes are important as decomposers of organic material, symbiotes with trees, and a major source of nitrogen in certain ecosystems (as lichens). In industry, ascomycetes, the various yeasts, are what make bread rise and alcoholic beverages alcoholic. As well, several antibiotics are produced from ascomycetes. Many chemicals are massed produced by culturing the ascomycetes that product them naturally. There are some negative reasons why ascomycetes are important. Some, like Claviceps purpurea, are nasty plant pathogens that cost farmers money and raise food prices. Some, such as Candida albicans, are human pathogens.

What is the Common name for unicellular ascomycetes?

Common name for unicellular ascomycetes, including that used in baking

Does Ascomycetes have a tough sac that contains spores?


What is the name of the reproductive system in ascomycetes that contains spores?


What is he name of the reproductive structure in ascomycetes that contains spores?


What is the name of the reproductive structure in ascomycetes that contains spores?