What is difference between sap r3 and r2?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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1)R/2 runs on a mainframe, R/3 runs on Client / Server 2) R/3 has a GIU (thanks to windows) where as R/2 looks more like DOS (although you can get a GUI for it) 3)R/3 has more functionality than R/2 making it the preferable choice 4) SAP will support R/3 after 2004!

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Q: What is difference between sap r3 and r2?
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What is difference between sap r3 and sap business one?

SAP B1 is designed specifically for small to medium companies, while SAP R/3 is for large companies. The system architecture is quite different.

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What is SAP R3?

i want SAP shprt cuts in which web site i can get it. tell me the web address.

What language is used in sap R3?

I don't know about SAP R3, but original SAP is developed in ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) language. This programming language is developed by SAP. SAP is a German Based Company, which develops ERP.Its similar to COBOL, its syntax is same as COBOL.MaxDB is the database used in developing SAP.