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In denser medium,particles of matter are very close to each other.whereas,in rarer medium,particles of the medium are slightly farther apart.

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Q: What is difference between rarer and danser medium?
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What is a rarer medium?

If the light travels faster in the second medium, then this medium is called the rarer medium.

Is it possible to achieve total internal reflection if the object is in rarer medium?

First we should know what will be happen when the light ray goes from denser medium to rarer medium and rarer medium to denser mdeium.... 1. The light refracted away from the normal (Denser to Rarer) 2. The light refracted towards the normal (Rarer to denser) So it is not possibel to get total internal reflection whan the light travel from rarer to denser medium...... Conditions to achieve to get TIR 1. The light should travel from denser mediumt to rarer medium 2. The angle of incidence at the interface should be greater than critical angle if you are not satisfied kindly mail me

Is there any phase change occurred when sound wave refracted from denser medium to a rarer medium?


What happenend light from rarer to denser medium?

It slowed down.

What types of matter do sounds travel through?

rarer medium- air

What type of matter do sound travel faster through?

rarer medium- air

Why frequency of light is not change When it enter from a rarer medium to denser medium?

Frequency is a function of the energy level of the photon. Changing the medium does not change that energy level.

What is emergent ray in refraction of light?

The emergent ray is the ray of light which passes through a denser medium(glass) to a rarer medium(air).

When light rays enter a new medium at an angle what does the change in speed cause the ray to do?

The change in speed causes the light to bend. If it is travelling from an optically dencer to an optically rarer medium the ray will bend away from the normal. But if it is travelling from an optically rarer to an optically denser medium then it will bend towards the normal.

What are the non ohmic materials give examples?

draw the ray diagram of refraction of light at curved surfaces the following rarer medium to denser medium

Why does velocity of light in rarer medium than in denser medium?

Light travels from a denser medium to a rarer medium because you did not close your curtains. It then passed through the denser window glass into the rarer air outside. The people outside the house saw you running your finger around the bottom of the cake getting a little of the icing.

When light travels from a denser medium to a rarer medium it bends away from the normal Is it possible for the light ray to reflect back in the same medium?

Yes, at the critical angle, all of the light will reflect, and will not leave the medium.