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The female vocal cords are thinner and shorter than the male vocal cords

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Q: What is difference between male and female vocal cords?
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Space between the vocal cords is called?

The space between the vocal cords is called the glottis.

Do female frogs have vocal cords?

they don't sing like male frogs do if that's what you're asking

What is the difference between voiced and voiceless sounds?

The vocal cords are vibrating with a voiced sound, with a voiceless sound the vocal cords are not vibrating. In the word - game - the 'g' is voiced. In the word - came - the 'c' is not voiced

What is the difference between speech and written communication?

The difference is that when you talk you use your vocal cords and when you write you you use a writing utensil and your hand

Why do you have vocal cords?

you have vocal cords to produce your voice

Where are vocal cords are located?

the vocal cords are in the larynx

What do vocal cords do to your throat?

Vocal cords help you talk.

What is the scientific name for vocal cords?

Vocal cords

What contains the vocal cords?

The larynx has two folds, the upper vestibular folds (false vocal cords) and the lower vocal cords (true vocal cords).Note: There are comments associated with this question. See the discussion page to add to the conversation.Read more: What_contains_the_vocal_cords

How do your vocal chords work so you can say something?

When one wants to speak, the lungs blow air against loosely closed vocal cords. Air pushes through a very small space between the vocal cords which makes the covering of the vocal cords vibrate.

The part of the respiratory system that helps us speak?

The vocal cords become tight, squeeze together, and force air from the lungs to move between them. The air causes the vocal cords the vibrate and produce sound

What does the larynx contain?

yes the larynx contain 2 types of vocal cords 1st: true vocal cords ( for ur question ) 2nd: False valse vocal cords