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The main course is the biggest meal on the menu,complete with protein,carbohydrates and vegetables respectively.The main dish is the focal point in the main course and it is usually a protein dish.

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A menu is where they tell you all the food they make.

A main course is what your biggest meal is and usally the middle meal being between entree and dessert.

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Q: What is difference between main course and main dish?
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Is jambalaya a starter dish or a main dish?

The main difference between a starting dish and a main dish the portion size. A starter dish is a smaller portion than the main dish. Jambalaya may be used as either. Simply adjust the portions as necessary.

What does a main dish consist of?

A main dish is the main food that you are eating. On the other hand, a side dish is what comes between your main meal. For example chicken is your main meal, biscuits is your side dish.

What are the different between sweets and a main dish?

a main dish is a main dish & sweets are sweets

Is pizza a appetizer or a main dish?

A meal served with an appetizer, main dish and a dessert is a three-course meal.

What are the three main groups in a one dish meal?

Main course, side dish, and a drink

Is the appetizer a main dish and dessert?

No, appetizers are served before the main dish

What are desserts?

They are a food dish you have after a main course at dinner. Usually a sweet dish.

What is the difference between a barbecue and a cookout?

They are the same to me, but you don't have to cook out-of-doors just to add a barbecue sauce to your main dish.

In which course of a French menu does pasta go?

main dish

When is risotto traditionally eaten in Italy?

Traditionally risotto is served alone, as a dish before the main course. But it can also be used as the main course. Can be served as a side dish with fish or seafood.

What is the main dish on menu called?

Which depends on how many courses you are having on the dinner menu. If you had Soup a starter then a main then the main would be second course. If you had Soup, Fish Statter then a main then the main could be the third course. If you were to add a sorbet after the fish then the main would become the fourth dish. Main dish is sometimes called the entree.

What one dish meals consist of?

One dish of food. Normally a main course. A meat or vegetable dish with an accompanyment of 'taters.