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Q: What is difference between cultural assimilation and cultural adoption?
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The difference between acculturation and assimilation?

Acculturation is the process by which we come accustom to another culture over time and eventually adopt it as our own. Assimilation is the merging of cultural traits from previously distinct cultural groups.

What are the differences between assimilation and amalgamation?

assimilation is a cultural fusion while amalgamation is biological fusion

Relationship between multiculturalism and cultural assimilation?

there is no direct relationship. they are antithetical.

What is the difference between assimilation and accommodation?

assimilation = applying pre existing knowledge to a new situation

What is the difference between cultural borrowing and cultural diffusion?

Cultural borrowing is the adoption of ones culture traits by another group. While cultural diffusion is the spreading of knowledge as to where cultural borrowing is the gaining of ones culture traits to another anonymous group. Tell me if this helps!?

What is the difference between pluralism and assimilation?

To what extent does globalization influence life?

What is the difference between fermentation and assimilation?

fermentation is f e r m e .... but assimilation is a s s i m i .......... do you understand?

What is the difference between the term cultural and cultural?

If you would, for instance, read a dictionary, such as the "Webster's Student's Dictionary, you will find that the difference between cultural and cultural is basically nonexistent.

What is the difference between magma mixing and assimilation?

In magma mixing reaction take place between two fluids only but in assimilation reaction take place between liquid and solid

What is difference between cultural assimilation and structural assimilation?

In my sociology class I learned that cultural assimilation is when individuals from one culture adopt aspects of a new dominant culture. (religion/language/norms) For example, a Japanese man new to the US must culturally assimilate himself in society by learning English.Structural assimilation is when an ethnic group is fully incorporated into a society--they have equal access to institutions (government, education, etc). For example, African American's holding positions of authority in the US means that they are structurally assimilated.

What is the difference between physical and cultural characteristics?


Difference between assimilation and true integration?

Assimilation is when losing lots of your own culture and not being accepted meanwhile integration is when your accepted but you keep many aspects of your own culture