What is difference between cilia and villi?

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Cillia is found in the trachea whereas villi/microvilli is found in the lumen of the small intestine

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Q: What is difference between cilia and villi?
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Difference between cilia and flagella?

difference between cytoskeleton and microtubule

What is the difference between rugae and villi?

the rugae is found in the stomach. The villi is in the lining of the small intestines.

What is the difference between villi villus and villous?

there isnt

Difference between cilia and microvilli?

microvilli are made of microfilaments and cilia is made of microtubules

What is difference between villi and microvilli?

Villi is the actual folds and waves of the mucosa layer of small intestines. Microvilli are microscopic hairlike projections on the villi that grab nutrients.

What is the difference between a smokers cilia and a non smokers cilia?

I take it you don't mean eyelashes! It is impossible to tell. However, there is a distinct difference between the cilia of a healthy lung and those of a diseased lung. Exhibits or photographs of "smoker's lungs" are usually those of diseased pig's lungs.

What is the difference in cillia and villi?

Cilia are small hair-like structures on the outside of some single-celled organisms and are used for movement. Villi are very small finger-like projections that line the wall of the small intestine. They increase the surface area available for the absorption of nutrients.

What is the difference between the flagellum and cilium?

cilia increases the cell surface and flagella increases the locomotion

Difference between the frogs small intestine and humans?

frogs intestine doesn't have a villi like humans.

What are the similarities and differences between villi and alveoli?

Villi are in the small intestine and alveoli are in the lungs. They both work by diffusion.

What Hairlike structures with the capacity for movement?

find it out your self

What are the 2 systems villi are linked between?

Villi are linked between the digestive systme and excretory system.

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