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what is the difference between Shore-A Hardness & Barcol Hardness

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Q: What is difference between barcol hardness and Shore A hardness?
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How do you convert barcol hardness to shore d hardness?

You don't convert Shore to Barcol or reverse. They aren't directly related, that's why you can't find any references for it. Shore D is a "softness" measure and Barcol is a "hardness" measure. The best bet is to go to the manufacturer of the product and ask directly for the number you need. They can easily test the material and give you an answer, but convert one to the're asking for trouble.

How do you convert shore A hardness to IRHD hardness?


How do you convert Shore D Durometer Hardness to Rockwell Hardness R scale?

Is shore a unit of hardness for teflon?


What scales are used to define the hardness of PVC?

The Shore A hardness scale has been used for decades to characterize the relative hardness of flexible PVC. Rigid PVC should be measured by the Shore D durometer.

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How do you convert Shore D Durometer Hardness to Rockwell Hardness C scale? DB-Calgary

How do you convert Shore D Durometer Hardness to Shore A Durometer Hardness?

A and D are two different ranges on the scale. They do not overlap. The lowest D number is harder than the highest A number. Therefore, there is no "converson factor".

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In a spec what does Shore A and shore D properties mean in Polyurethane?

It's the hardness of the material shore a is softer/more elastic. Shore D is harder/stiffer. Then there is a number rating, the higher the number the harder the material.

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