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In case of Alto there are 2 differentfunctionality Lx and LxiLxi means the car with Power Brake, A/C and Power Steering

Lx model cars does not had Power Steering It has Normal Steering

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Q: What is difference between Lxi And Lx in Maruti Alto?
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18wheel rim fit for maruti alto lxi?

I'm not sure, but probably not.

Is there power window in maruti alto lxi?

i think there is no alto lxi model that comes with company fitted power window kit. however one can install the power window kit from the market.

What is the different between alto vxi and alto lxi?

alto lxi is 800cc engine. & alto vxi is 1000cc engine.

What is the difference between lxi vxi zxi types of car models?

== LXI== base model XI==

How do you check power steering fluid in alto lxi?

There is no power steering fluid in alto lxi because it use electric power steering.... A electrical motor used for power steering so there is no need of fluid.

What is the difference between a 1991 Honda Accord LX and an LXI?

It was sold in a different country. In the third-generation Accord "LX" means it has a carburetor and "LXI" means fuel injection. Fourth-generation Accords are all fuel injected, so they sold them as LX in some countries and LXI in others.

Price of Maruti Swift diesel?

Ex-showroom New-Delhi Price (Rs.) 3,99,990. Price of MARUTI SWIFT LXI (BHARAT STAGE III WITH IMMOBILISER) You can make use of online cars classifieds to locate Maruti Swift diesel that is available for sale in your area (different locations, different prices). You can also take advantage of this car sites to compare car values and pricing, this way you can get the car that you desire at its best price and condition.

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