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There isn't a different in A36 steel and 44W steel grade 300w. The 44W is the Canadian version of America's A36. Both are a mild steel.

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Q: What is difference between A36 steel and 44W steel grade 300w?
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What ASTM steel is equivalent 300W?

Astm a-36

What does 300W plate mean?

300w is mild steel plateIt is the same thing as 44W or A36 plateThe 300 refers to the material yield strength in MPa

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Using the Canadian Handbook of Steel Construction (9th edition, 2006) Br = 3 * phi(br) * plate thickness * diameter of bolt * number of bolts * Fu where phi(br) = 0.67 Fu = 450 MPa for 300W or 350W grade steel t and d are in millimetres Br = bearing resistance for given number of bolts Also: see Table 3-2 "Bearing Type Connections" in the CISC Handbook of Steel Construction Hope this helps...

Is 44w steel and 300w steel the same?

44W is the Canadian version of America's A36. 44W is also listed as CSA-G40.21.Mechanical Properties 44W/300W:Tensile: 65 to 85 ksiYield: 44 ksi minElongation: 20% min in 8" 23% min in 2"Mechanical Properties A36:Tensile: 58 to 80 ksiYield: 36 ksi minElongation: 18% min in 8" 21% min in 2" (for plates wider than 24")

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