What is ctfxc?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Charles Trippy friend core the x stands for nothing but its also a channel on YouTube. The links here

it is a daily vlolg channel on youtube were they post a video everyday of their everyday life. Charles trippy also has is own personal channel as does alli.

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Q: What is ctfxc?
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What is ctfxc's address?

Leave them alone you dont have to harrass them

Where can i find a ctfxc hoodie for sale?

you can go to the store then buy one

What type of dog is Marley from CTFxC?

Marley is a Rat Terrier mutt.

When is alli speed's birthday?

August 13, 1989 (: CTFxC FTW!

Was the band Hot Chelle Rae ever in the CTFxC videos?

defintly no and how can it

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What youtubers have iPhone apps?

Tobuscus, Justine, Shane dawson, mysteryguitarman, annoying orange, smosh, sxephil,joenation, shattered, CTFxC, Rhett and link, and itrevor

What isa good website where you can have a account?

I don't know what you mean by "account" but i play... 1. shaytards 2. CTFxC 3. The Station 4. ShaneDawsonTV 5. LisaNova 6. Davedays i play these all day. shaytards, CTFxC, and The Station are people who "vlog" everyday. Besides The Station, that's were all the vloggers of youtube come together and make funny videos.

Who is Charles trippy?

Charles Trippy is a Youtube star. He has 3 channels, CharlesTrippy, CTFxC, and Trippy. His girlfriend has 1 channel, it is named Alli since that is her real name. They are married.

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Where did Charles Trippy get his necklace?

He does not have one. Plus he changed a little bit?* If you mean the black cord one, he made it himself, its just leather cord that he bought from Michaels, a craft store. He explained it in one of his daily vlogs on the CTFxC channel.*