What is collab?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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at is collab

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Q: What is collab?
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What is a collab channel on YouTube?

A collab CHANNEL is different then a collab. A collab is when two or more youtubers create a video together. A collab CHANNEL is when six or seven youtubers create a channel, and each post on a different day of the week.

What is the prefix of collaboration?


Phil and Dan's secret collab channel on YouTube?

Their Christmas collab channel can be found at:, the "S" is capitalized.)

What is a good name for a collab?

sevensluts seveninheaven

What is a collab channel?

well..For Youtube/? If Its For Youtube Then A Collab Channel Is A Bunch Of youtubers make videos. well 7 youtubers. xD a person each day..

How do you set up a collab video in youtube?


What is Collab at the Philadelphia Museum of Art?

The Collab at the Philadelphia museum of Art is a volunteer committe dedicated to supporting modern and contemporary art collections at the museum and further afield.

How do you do a collab on deviantart?

Usually you note the person you want to collab with and then see if they want to as well. Then you need to decide if you will collab in both work on the same image or each do your own lineart and send to the other to colour in. After you finish your par most use e-mail or the Stash to send t the other artist.

Jay-Z collab with Eminem?

Track is called Renegade

What is the abbreviation of the word collaboration?

People commonly say "collab".

What are the release dates for Collab Lab - 2013 Valentine's Day 1-2?

Collab Lab - 2013 Valentine's Day 1-2 was released on: USA: 14 February 2014

How discover is described by Rutherford?

Rutherford and collab. discovered the atomic nucleus.