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Indigo ascension plant, essential oils, extracts and flavoring. 100% LEGAL

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Q: What is c4 herbal incense?
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What is herbal incense used for?

Herbal incense is another term for "synthetic cannabis" and is an alternative to smoking real weed. It is used to simulate the use of real weed and to get someone "high" on the drug, but herbal incense itself contains no chemicals that would make the drug illegal. Herbal incense is sold at a variety of online retailers and gas stations because of this.

What can you do about side effects from smoking herbal incence?

what can i do about side effects from smoking herbal incense that won't go away

Where can you buy herbal incense in ft lauderdale fl?

cit-go on ne 4th ave and 13th

What is black cobra extreme herbal incense?

It appears to be some kind of non-psychoactive herb treated with one of the synthetic cannabinoids. Five of these cannabinoids were banned (made illegal) on January 1st, but new products treated with legal synthetic cannabinoids began showing up in the first part of January 2011. These "herbal incense" products are cannabis substitutes, and some of them act like cannabis (marijuana) but are much stronger. Serious acute and chronic (persistent) psychological problems have been reported by users (not the police or [anti] drug warriors. Others have reported mild or moderate cannabis-like effects. Bottom line is that there has no NO human research on any of these synthetic cannabinoids. Each person who uses one of the herbal incense products is "volunteering" to be a guinea pig. Be careful out there!

Can incense kill you if you smoke it?

Incense, as in the kind burned to release a fragrant smoke, has been linked to various kinds of cancer, so yes, even just inhaling burning incense can cause you to have cancer which can kill you. Herbal incense (aka K2, Spice, synthetic cannabis, synthetic marijuana), has not been officially studied. However, reports describing the adverse effects include hypertension, tachycardia, myocardial infarction, agitation, vomiting, hallucinations, psychoses, seizures, convulsions, and panic attacks. One death and possibly others have been linked to synthetic cannabis use.

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