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[ Transmitter] | [frequency synthesizer] | [receiver] | [logic unit] | [control unit] | [handset]

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Q: What is block diagram of mobile unit?
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What is difference between block flow diagram and process flow diagram?

BFDs provide a complete overview of the whole process in block diagram form. They summarise the major unit operation between process block units. PFDs characterize all the process flows to and from all the equipment required to perform the process within the boundaries set by the BFD

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Draw a block diagram to illustrate the basic organization of computer system and explain the function of various units?

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Block diagram mti radar and its working?

In an MTI (Moving Target Indication) radar system, the block diagram consists of a transmit/receive antenna, a duplexer to switch between sending and receiving modes, a radar signal processor to detect moving targets, and a display unit for visualization. The radar sends out a series of pulses and examines the return signal to detect targets with a non-zero Doppler shift, indicating movement. The radar signal processor filters out stationary clutter and focuses on moving targets, displaying their position and velocity on the radar screen.

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This could be called an optical fiber diagram.

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