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Liking guys and girls

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Bisexual is a sexual orientation in which a person is attracted to individuals of their own gender as well as other genders. It means having the capacity to be attracted to people of more than one gender.

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Q: What is bisexsual?
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How can you tell if a girl is bisexsual before you meet her?

There is no way to know without asking her directly.

What is the sexual orientation of Naruto Uzumaki?

Well, Naruto is rated as pg-13 and i hardly doubt there will be anything "too serious" As for Naruto being homosexual/gay, has the writer said so? No. Or Has Naruto himself, in the MANGA, said anything about his sexuality? No. And as we can see, Naruto definitely has liked or still likes Sakura in someway (more than a friend). But then again, his obsession about Sasuke is really huge! We all know that Naruto said Sasuke is his first Friend/ or close bond which he made, and sees him as a brother. Here, some people might see some gayish ways to look things, and see Naruto chasing Sasuke and even saying that they'll die together. But in the bginning of the show we can see Naruto blushing as talking to Sakura, so he has definitley has a crush on her. So he can't totally be gay, if he were. Naruto's actions seems a bit gay to some people, because in their culture, people (men) acts differently. Maybe more coldly or are more far awayish. And that creates the illusion of him being gay. And it really depends on what or how people wants to see him. Yaoi-fangirls (most of them), sees him as gay. NaruHina/Saku -fans sees him as straight, and some people just don't care. But my conclusion is, that he is = Bisexsual. - He has(/does?) liked Sakura, "That Way" - The "Promise" of getting Sasuke back, isn't only for Sakura, but to himself too. - He chases Sasuke even in the end of the worlds, and says they'll die together, when they fight? - His dream was to become a great and powerfull hokage, and make all the people of Konoha aknolidge him. And it was his first priority, and now, getting Sasuke back, is more important. (= To here, what Gaara said in chapter..4?? something, that Naruto should think over carefully what he's willing to do for Sasuke, is what a "leader" thinks. It's correct that Naruto, if he'd be hokage or to become one, should think more of the greater good, even if he'd has to sacrifice his own hapiness)