What is better k2 or weed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Weed. K2 is barely researched and could have serious health effects.

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Q: What is better k2 or weed?
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What is better for you k2 or weed?


What does k2 weed taste like?

K2 Weed Taste's Like A Burnt Rubber Box But Gets You High As F#ck.! yeah that what he said tastes like sh^t. personally i like mean green better tasting

Can you smoke k2 on probation and not get in trouble?

Yes, you can because K2 is synthetic weed, which makes no THC show up in your system.

What is the better bearing k1 or k2?

k2 by far

How can you tell the difference between marijuana and k2?

the smell. k2 will not smell like weed it'll smell kinda fruity. or at least it does to me

Does k2 clean your body after smoking weed?

from expericence i can surely tell you no it doesnt

What are the long term effects of the drug k2?

thoughts of suicide, tripping worse then you would with weed. Colors start to blend together, things turn black and white and your resting heart rate rushes 90+ bps. I would not recommend this, weed is safer the k2, but weed is not legal.

Can fake weed k2 make you mental?

No but it can kill you if you do too much or for too long

How do you make fake weed?

You don't. You could buy K2 or Salvia, or some other legal alternative to use in place of weed, but generally if it's not weed, it's just not weed, there's no substitution.

Is it bad to smoke k2 an off brand of weed while pregnant?

The only comprehensive study done while smoking weed during pregnancy showed the baby to be normal. So no, weed is not bad.

Where can you buy k2 marujuana?

first off its not weed its incense second off, online here its 3 grams for 30$

What are better k1 or k2 bearing?

K-2 are better than K-1