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ofcorse ask jeeves because i can put anything i want on here okayyy xx

c ya l8r xx

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Ask Jeeves was a previous search engine that has been discontinued. It has been replaced with, which still operates as a search engine today. Choosing between search engines depends on individual preference and the specific features and results desired.

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Q: What is better ask jeeves or this thing?
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Is Answerscom better than Ask Jeeves?

Yes is better than Ask Jeeves because Ask Jeeves.

Why is Google better than Ask Jeeves?

Google is better than ask jeeves because ask jeeves never answers anything.

Why aren't you as good as ask Jeeves?

Answers aren't as good as Ask Jeeves because Answers has better quality than Ask Jeeves!

Is ask jeeves better?


Why is ask jeves better?

Jeeves is gone, but not forgotten... He has evolved into Ask.

What makes the search engine Ask Jeeves different from Google?

Ask Jeeves is less popular/less known about than Google. Also, Ask Jeeves is known to specialize in comprehensive searches for online terms. Neither is deemed as being "better".

How old is ask jeeves?

Ask Jeeves was a search engine and website founded in 1995. Now Jeeves has retired and the website is simply called

Hey how do you get ask jeeves up?

Te website for ask Jeeves is

How to make a origami boat?

go to ask jeeves/ ask jeeves for kids

Which is better - Ask Jeeves or WikiAnswers?

Bye-bye to the ButlerUndoubtedly, WikiAnswers is better! Not least because Ask Jeeves no longer exists, and is in fact now known as For opinions on the merits of vs, see the Related Question.You should ask a third party this questions for obvious reasons...

Is ask jeeves the best?


Why did ask jeeves get rid of jeeves?

They did everywhere except the UK, but everywhere else has just without Jeeves. So Jeeves is in the UK only, but still around.