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he is so joking. maybe he said that because there is treasure there. the real answer is that behind the door is a secret room. there is also a free pin. it is the key that you earned as a pin. when you click on it. it is called the mossy key pin

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You mean behind the door of the hidden lake? Nothing that special, its just an underwater room with an underwater background and some fishes.

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Q: What is behind the door in club penguins hidden lake?
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What is behind the door in the hidden lake?

Behind the door lies a hidden room called the underwater room in club penguin. Many girl penguins like to play "mermaids" in this room. There is also a pin in here called "moss key'' pin.

Is there any behind the door of th hidden lake on club penguin clothes?

Not really, there's only a moss key pin and an underwater room (only for members).

Is there a door behind the rocks in Club Penguin?

technically yes

Where is the stage door at the MEN Manchester?

The stage door is hidden from view behind large security gates on Deansgate.

How do you cut the door with a laser in club penguins Herbert challenge 2?

Easy! Equip the plasma laser.

How do you open the door in club penguin in the hidden lake without being a member?

Only members can.

What do you get when you unlock the door in the Mermaid Cove on Club Penguin?

You will get to access the place behind the door in the Mermaid Cove.

How does Scout that it is Boo who is in the room with them?

Because he is hiding behind the door and Boo always stayed hidden from the public.

What is behind the door in virtual villagers 3?

When the golden child removes the rock, a hidden cave is found.

How do you get the key for the door in the hidden lake in club penguin?

go to the puffele rescue and the type what you just wrote in youtube

Where is the key for the door in the hidden lake on club penguin?

Play puffle rescue on the black puffles and find the key on the first level

In club penguin were is the key to the door in the hidden lake?

You will get the key when you have rescued the black puffle in puffle rescue three times it does not work