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There is an antipodal balance of land and water on directly opposite sides of the globe. It means that the continents and oceans are roughly arranged in such a way that land on one side of the globe is balanced by water on the opposite side of the globe. For example, the North Polar Arctic Ocean is opposite to the Antarctica Continent.

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Q: What is antipodal balance between land and water?
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The boundary between land and a body of water?

the shoreline is the boundary between land and water

What is on the opposite of the earth from Spokane?

The opposite end of the Earth from Spokane, also known as its antipode, is a point in the southern Indian Ocean. The nearest land mass is the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, which is the only antipodal land mass to the entire continental US. It is antipodal to a small area of northern Montana, near the Canadian border.

What country is directly opposite Australia on earth?

Traditionally (and inacurately) the British Isles. In truth there is no land mass directly opposite (antipodal to) Australia.

What is the never ending movement of water between the sea the land and the air?

the movement of water between land and air is called

What is the comparison between the vast land and water on earth?

the land is solid and the water is a liquid.

Distinguish between water bodies and land masses?

Water bodies are liquid and land masses are solid.

How how do the heating and cooling differences between land and water affect people on earth?

How do the heating and cooling differences between land and water affect us? ...

How would Galapagos land iguana use tail?

It depends on the type, water or land. Watre iguanas use them to grip rocks so the current wont wash it way, the land and water iguanas use them for balance.

What are the differences between eggs laid on land and egg laid in water?

Eggs laid on land are hatched on the land and eggs laid in the water hatch in the water. *o*

What are the differences and similarities between turtles and tortoises?

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What is the difference between an island and a isthmus?

An island is a body of land in the middle of water. An isthmus is a body of water between two very large land masses.

What is the difference between a strait on an isthmus?

A strait is a narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of waterAn Isthmus is a relatively narrow strip of land (with water on both sides) connecting two larger land massesOne is a thin bit of water between two big bits of land (that is a strait) whereas the other is a thin bit of land between two big bits of water (that is an isthmus).