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During the first two months of pregnancy the unborn child is known as an embryo.

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Q: What is an unborn child in the first two months of pregnancy called?
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What does the fetus have to do with pregnancy?

The fetus is what they call the unborn baby after 3 months of growing in the uterus. At that time it is now considered an unborn child or fetus instead of a blacocyst or mass growth of cells.

Will taking hash stop pregnancy?

no. * But it will affect your unborn child

What is an unborn child called?

It is called a fetus

Can cocaine use effect a pregnancy test?

Maybe, but it will affect the unborn child.

How can chromosomal abnormalities of an unborn baby be diagnosed during pregnancy?

By what is called as amniocentesis, you can diagnose the chromosomal abnormality of the unborn baby. You do this procedure under cover of ultrasonography. The fetal cells will give you complete picture of the chromosomal abnormality of the unborn child.

What does dreaming of love for an unborn child mean?

It is entirely natural for parents to feel deep affection for an unborn child during pregnancy or after a miscarriage. The dream expresses that emotion.

What can cigar smoking do to an unborn child?

Cigar smoking or second hand smoke during pregnancy can cause the unborn child to have issues with growth developement, have asthma, and many other problems.

Can getting a Steroid injection hurt an unborn child?

It can indeed hurt the unborn child. Most pregnant women do not smoke nor do they drink much alcholol during pregnancy. This enables the unborn child to get healthy and strong, and makes the change of giving birth to an unhealthy child significantly smaller. The same goes for steroids -- it would be un-advisable to use them during pregnancy. In fact, I would not recommend anyone to use them at all.

What does it mean to have a dream of your unborn child while pregnant?

Dreams of the unborn child are very common during pregnancy and should not be cause for concern. See the link attached below for further very interesting information from studies.