What is an origin tendon?

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The origin refers to the muscle attachment that is more stable. The tendon that attaches the muscle to its origin can be called the origin tendon,

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Q: What is an origin tendon?
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What is the anchor for the origin of a muscle?

A tendon.

What are the muscles involved in the elbow joint?

In the front are the Brachialis, behind is the Triceps and Anconaeus, lterally are the Supinator and the commonj tendon of origin of the extensor muscles and medially is the common tendon of origin of the flexor muscles.

What is the difference between tendons of insertion and tendons of origin?

difference between the origin bendon and the insertion tendon

How does muscle attach to movable bone?

A musculotendinous junction; for example, a muscle "becomes" a tendon and the tendon is what connects to the bone at the muscles origin/insertion.

What best describes the term muscle origin?

tendon attachment that doesnt move

The end of the muscle that is attached by means of a tendon to the movable bone and is opposite to the origin?


The end of the muscle that is attached by means of a tendon to the movable bone and opposite to the origin?


Which eye muscle sends its tendon of origin through a pulley before inserting on a globe?

superior oblique

What is the aponeurosis action origin insertion?

An aponeurosis is a large sheet of tendon. It depends on which one you are referring to as to origin and insertion. The thoracolumbar aponeurosis, for example, has many insertions, mainly on the latissimus dorsi muscle and its main origin is the spine and sacrum.

What is the attachment to the stationary bone?

Alright, now that the riff-raff is outta the way - Origin is the attachment of a muscle (tendon) that is stationary. Insertion is at the other end of the muscle that is attached to a movable bone, also with a tendon. Hoped that helps.

Is the posterior tibial tendon an extensor tendon or a flexor tendon?

It's a Flexor Tendon.

What is the origin for -rraphy?

'-rraphy' refers to the repair of a structure either damaged or congenital. For example a repair of a damaged tendon would be a tendorraphy.

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