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Restricted opportunities are opportunities with limitations placed on them that can not be exceeded. The rules can not be broken no matter what.

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discrimination may lead to person not usinf health and social care provision and this can lead to poorer health

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Q: What is an example of restricted opportunities?
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What is an example of censorship is when a book's?

audience is restricted.

What were the State laws that restricted the free movement and job opportunities of newly emancipated slaves?

Jim Crow laws

What is restricted opportunities in the health and social care setting?

This is when not all individuals receive the same opportunities as everyone else based on things like age, culture, sex, colour, religion, class, etc.

Restricted person it means bad?

Restricted means that you can not move or you are not allowed to go somewhere. For example, when someone is in a straightjacket they are restricted and they can not move. A restricted area is a place that no one is allowed in. So a restricted person may mean that you are not allowed to go to him, or he is not able to move.

Is Harvard university major is limited access or restricted access?

Depending on your major. If your major is like for example health related it might be restricted access. Not all majors are restricted or limited some maybe even none.

What does opportunities mean?

It seems to mean Taking advantage of opportunities, but not of people.

What is an example of using the word finite?

There is only a finite number of opportunities in your life.

What is a example of limited government?

a type of government in which its functions and powers are prescribed, limited and restricted by law.

What do you mean by opportunities?

The meaning of opportunities is that a person has advantages or is favorable for a certain circumstances. For example, a dancer may have many opportunities to increase their dancing skills. The dancer has the ability to practice with their coaches and compete which could be considered an opportunity.

Which is an example of restricted social mobility in a culture?

electing a woman to a political office previously held by men

How do you use untrammeled in a sentence?

To be untrammeled means to not be restricted or restrained. An example sentence is: She prefers to have her dog untrammeled.

How were the rights of people restricted?

Which means they can only be restricted in order to protect the rights of other people or if it's in the public interest for specific reasons such as the prevention of crime. For example, the Government may restrict the right to freedom of expression if a person is encouraging racial hatred.