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It's only easy of she has already decided to sleep with you or if she is a prostitute so you all you need is paying her.

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Q: What is an easy way for a guy to get a girl in bed?
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What is the best way for a girl to make out with a guy on a bed?

the best for a girl to make out with you on a bed is when you kissing her and if she's into thatshe'll take your shirt off and send you in the bed and start unzipped your pants when she do that you have to do that for her to kiss her a lot show her that you are into that if she's into that too she'll ask you to do it but if she's not when you stated kissing her she will. lol

Does he want you or another girl?

There is no way to know if a guy wants you or another girl. The best way to find out what what a guy wants is to ask the guy.

What is the best way to keep a guy in love with you?

impress him in bed

What is a good way to get a guy?

compilment him easy

If you buy a couple keyring with a girl and a guy cartoon which can separate which one does the girl keep and which one does the guy keep?

Give the girl to the guy and the guy to the girl that way they have something to remember about how great they're relation ship is

What do you do if somebody calls a girl a guy but they are a girl?

Just laugh and say No way this is my girl

How do you love a girl?

the way to love a girl is to get her in bed and u take your wenny and put it in her hole

Do girls only show that they like a guy when they know that the guy likes them?

NO way the like to be the ones that flirt first and if u know what to look 4 u can tell if a girl is flirting easy. look it up

Fossil fighters how to be a girl?

There's no way to be a girl. Your character will always be a guy.

What does that mean if a guy dance in a funny way in front of a girl and stare at her?

the guy likes the girl and would like to dance with her.

Can a guy be more shy than agirl?

of course! it all depends on who the girl or the guy is a guy can be less shy than a girl or it can be the other way around!

How do you ask a guy out if your a guy?

Same way you'd ask a girl out. But if that guy is straight, get ready for a kick in the balls.