What is an M16 agent?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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its not M16 its MI6 and its the british version of the secret service or something like that

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Q: What is an M16 agent?
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What was bond before he become 007?

Before bond was promoted to 007, he was an M16 operative agent not a 00 but has an agent that give information to other agents on their mission.

How did alex riders uncle die?

No, he was an agent for M16. His cover though, when he was spying on Scorpia, was an assassin and teacher for young assassins.

What is the cost of a M16?

A M16 cost about $2000.00

Which fires more accurately ak-47 or m16?


When was m16 assault weapon invented?

The M16 was invented @ 1960

Is the m16 a real gun?

The M16 and the M4 are the US designations for the AR-15 pattern of rifles.

Is the m16 still in use?

Yes, along with the carbine version of the M16, the M4.

What kind of ammo does an M16 use?

the m16 uses 5.56 caliber ammo

What was the most common weapen used in the Vietnam war?

A lot of bombs were dropped, and a lot of agent orange was used. A soldier's rifle (M16 and M16A1) was his most commonly used weapon.

How do you get a job at m16?

Enlist! What better way to get free ammo and GET PAID to shoot your M16!

What is the role of m16 rifle in combat?

The M16 sieries of rifles are individual combat weapons.

Call of duty MW2 FAL or m16?

You should use a m16 because its better.