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I think it's either a chandelier made in Italy or a really posh chandelier. But I'm not sure! Hope that helps evn tho i don't think it will! lol! x

We're the professional manufacturer whose mainly productions are indoor lightings, such as Pendent Lamp, Chandeliers, Ceiling Lamp, Wall lamps, Table Lamps & Floor Lamps etc.

TongHui Lighting Factory, our products have been selling to all over the world since 2002. and export European Countries, America, South Africa, Middle East Countries & The Southeast Asian Countries.

TongHui Lighting Factory follows the tactic of managing promotes benefit, quality makes subsistence, technology bucks for development, and scale causes efficiency.

We are open to customer from all over the world and deal with us based on our best business relationship and good friendship. We will offer you perfect services, high quality productions, with the most competitive unit price.

Anyway, we can work as OEM, which customer supply drawing. We will follow up the next steps with the most suitable price in higher quality completed.


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Q: What is an Italian chandelier?
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What is 'candelabrum' when translated from English to Italian?

Candelabro is an Italian equivalent of the English word "candelabrum." The masculine singular noun also may be translated into English as "chandelier." The pronunciation will be "KAN-dey-LA-bro" in Italian.

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The cost depends on what chandelier you want. The Bellora chandelier costs $329.00, the Audrina chandelier costs $169.00, the Katerina beaded crystal chandelier cost $349.00. You could try waiting for the one you want to go on sale.

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