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The ampallang is a form of male genital body piercing that penetrates horizontally through the entire glans of the penis.

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Q: What is an Ampallang?
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What are the main types of male genital piercings?

Prince Albert, Reverse Prince Albert, Hafada, Guiche, Frenum, Dydoe, Ampallang, Apadravya, Foreskin & Pubic

Where on your penis do you get pierced?

Anyplace that suits your fancy. Their are numerous different piercings that you can get on the penis. They are; ampallang, apadravya, haffada, scrotal, frenum, dydoe, Prince Albert, Reverse Prince Albert, and then you also have pubic surface area piercings, as well as guiche piercings. The best piercing to have in relation to sexual enhancement is the apadravya due to the fact that it rubs on the G spot during sex. The ampallang typically only rubs on the cervix, which is an uncomfortable thing for women. Then of course there is always genital beading or ribbing.

How long does it take for an ampallang piercing to heal?

It depends on if it goes via your ureatha, if it does then it heals faster than if it does not, 4 to 6 months is normal, No sex for a few weeks is a good idea and loads of sea salt soaks, Just try and keep things as clean as you can, Wet wipes are great for a quick clean up while at work, You will be fine :)

Can you get your cartilage pierced in Nebraska?

To the best of my knowledge, there are no states that deem cartilage piercing to be in any way a medical procedure, which is usually the only instance when they can restrict what piercings that you can or cannot perform on clients. However, in a good amount of states, genital piercings on men and women can be dicey. Sometimes you can get a PA, but not an Ampallang, and then sometimes you can get a labia piercing, but not a hood. Call around to your local shops and ask them. I'm certain it won't be an issue though.

List of piercings boys can get?

Piercings that are exclusive to the male anatomy (exceptions noted by*): Prince Albert, Reverse Prince Albert, Hafada (scrotum), *Guiche, Frenum, Dydoe, Ampallang, Apadravya, Foreskin, *Pubic, *Nipple(s). The piercings denoted by the star * are applicable to both male and female. Male & Female exotics will not be performed by professional body piercing studios on minors. You must be a legal adult as defined by your countries laws to receive exotic piercings. Exotic piercings are technically challenging piercings and if incorrectly done can result in serious irreparable life long damage. Be sure the piercer you are seeing knows there stuff, research the piercings and don't jump into anything without checking.

What is the common price for piercings including the ring?

== == Ear Facial & Oral Earlobe $30.00 Eyebrow $50.00 Ear Cartilage $45.00 Nostril $55.00 Rook $50.00 Septum $58.00 Tragus $50.00 Tongue $60.00 Earhead $50.00 Labret $60.00 Industrial $61.00 Lip (side) $53.00 Curved Industrial $65.00 Medusa $65.00 Snug $53.00 Tongue Web $65.00 Daith $50.00 Monroe $65.00 Orbital $63.00 Conch $56.00 2-Coil Cartilage $115.00 3-Coil Cartilage $140.00 Body Navel $60.00 Nipple $60.00 Surface (Nape, etc) $80.00 Male Genital P.A. Prince Albert $65.00 Guiche $82.00 Frenum $72.00 Ampallang $82.00 Scrotum $65.00 Apadravya $82.00 Dydoe $61.00 Female Genital Clitoral Hood $58.00 Outer Labia $62.00 Inner Labia $58.00

What are all the piercings called?

You can basically get pierced anywhere. Traditional body piercings are in/on various regions of the body. Ear piercings include: lobe, tragus, conch, daith, snug, rook, helix, industrial, anti-tragus, forward pinna and transverse lobe. <br><br> Facial piercings include: septum, standard nostril, high hostril, nasallang, bridge/earl, eyebrow, and anti-eyebrow.<Br><br> Oral piercings include: tongue, cheek, snakebites, angelbites, venoms, tongue frenulum, lip frenulum(top and bottom), mandibles, labret, vertical labret, uvula, and medusa. Female genital piercings include: christina, clit shield, clitoral hood, clitoris, fourchette, isabella, labia, nefertiti, princess albertina, and triangle. Male genital piercings include: ampallang, apadravya, deep shaft, dolphin, dydoe, foreskin, frenum ladder, frenum, guiche, hafada, lorum, magic cross, prince albert, reverse prince albert and transscrotal. Other body piercings include: nape, vampire bites, madison, clavicle surface, subclavicle, chest, sternum, nipples, naval, inverse naval, hips, and lower back. There are also microdermal anchors, also called dermals or skin divers, that can be placde almost anywhere on the body where a traditional body piercing could not.