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Q: What is a you hollis and sons double barrel 12 gauge hammered shotgun?
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What is the age and value of a 16 gauge I Hollis and Sons double barrel hammered shotgun?

Isaac Hollis & Sons were English gunmakers from c.1870-1900. They made some very fine guns, and you should have yours evaluated in person by someone familiar with English doubles.

Where can you find information on Hollis and sons double barrel shotgun The General 20 inch barrels?

Information on this weapon can be found at any reputable gun dealer. And any bookstore will have catalogs on old or new firearms.

In possession i have a hollis sons side by side shotgun with the code 41671 on all the detachable parts iv searched most sites it has a 30inch barrel with double triggers and mint engraving?

You need the services of a professional appraiser

What is the value of an I Hollis and Sons double barrel muzzle loading shotgun with 40 inch barrels?

Isaac Hollis & Sons were noted British gunmakers from c.1860-1900. They made many top quality shotguns and rifles with many levels of ornamentation. This is one that should be individually hands-on appraised.

How Much Is a Isaac Hollis Sons 12G double barrel Shotgun Worth?

Impossible to say without a lot more information. It could be worth anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the type of gun (boxlock, sidelock) and condition. Go to and ask there. British shotguns are very collectable and Hollis is a respected maker.

Is the shell for a I Hollis and Sons 10 g Double Barrel Shotgun brass?

Shot shells were traditionally made with a brass head, and a body made of paper (cardboard) In new shells, the carboard is replaced by plastic. Very early shotshells, and special use shotshells were ALL brass. These were expensive and rather scarce- the brasshead/ paper body was much more common.

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Alton Hollis and Patrick Hollis are brothers .

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