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The "warranty date code" is the date that the phone was activated/purchased.

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Q: What is a warranty date code on a phone?
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How can one purchase an AAA extended warranty?

An AAA Extended Warranty can be purchased directly from AAA. Go to their website and enter your zip code in order to get a phone number for the service provider in your area.

How long does a Verizon phone warranty last?

One year unless you purchase the extended warranty. All warranty voided if phone is dropped in water. Beware of the "buddy" clause, if you loan your phone to your buddy while it is still in warranty and it "quits" then you will be out a phone. According to Verizon once the phone leaves your plan it is no longer covered.

Is your phone still under warranty?


What is the warranty for the DSi?

The warranty for the Nintendo DSi is one year from the purchase date.

Is it illegal to jailbreak a phone?

No but it voids your warranty

Does spy optic warranty cover a warranty pair?

The Spy Optic warranty provides a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.

What is the warranty start date of your Mini?

The date of the original owner's purchase.

Can you buy a warranty after you purchase a phone from Verizon?


Can jailbreaking your phone cause it damage?

It voids your warranty meaing if you have insurance thats voided too.....I wouldnt recommend it unless you have no type of warranty or insurance on your phone

Does the warranty cover your phone if dropped in water?

That depends on the fine print in the warranty, which varies from company to company.

What is the replacement warranty on the Sanyo Innuendo cell phone?

The Sanyo Innuendo does come with a one year limited warranty. Of course the warranty only covers manufacturers defects and not any physical damage. If you break any phone only insurance covers that damage, not the warranty.

How do you check the manufacturing date for samsung mobile phones?

In order to check the manufacturing date for Samsung mobile phones, there is a specific code to enter into the phone. The code can be secured through a search or by contacting the manufacturer.

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