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Q: What is a touch-sensitive surface on which you can slide your fingers to move the on-screen poionter?
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What happens to the fingers seen through the water?

The fingers appear to bend sharply at the surface of the water.

Where are your fingernails?

They are to be found at the end of the top surface of your fingers.

What is the tips of your fingers called and the soles of feet?

The fingers may be referred to as phalanges; the sole of the foot is referred to as the plantar surface.

What is Tapping of the body surface with the fingers to determine the density of the part beneath is called?


What are swimming gloves?

Swimming gloves are gloves with cloth flaps between the fingers. With the fingers spread, they increase the surface of the hand, enabling the swimmer to push harder.

What do you do if your fingers hurt when you bite them?

They hurt because you have nerve endings close to the surface.

How does crucible tongs maintain the integrity of the analysis?

Oil from the fingers can contamine the surface of the crucible and lid

What part of the skin causes the skin surface have ridges on the tips of the fingers and toes?

dermal papillae

What is the villis in the stomach?

they look like fingers and increase the surface area so digestion is more effective.

What is a sentence using the word smoothly?

My fingers glided smoothly over the laminated surface of the concert ticket in hand

Can you pick up a gold bar from a flat surface?

Yes. You extend your arm toward the bar. Than you grab it with your hands and fingers. Once you have your fingers around it you tell your brain to contract the muscles in your arms and fingers to life. It sound quite complicated but it works most times.

How do you beat johhny rocket fingers?

You will need: Gloves Super glue Blindfold Hammer Sandwich Blindfold Mr.Fingers. Superglue a glove to his hand and also to a hard surface. Beat his rocket fingers with the hammer. Eat a sandwich.