What is a top credit score?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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A good credit score is usually over 700

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Q: What is a top credit score?
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What companies provide the service of cleaning a credit score?

Some of the top companies that provide cleaning or improving a credit score include: Identity Guard, Privacy Guard, Free Score 360, Credit Report, and Free Credit Score.

How does a credit score of 843 rank?

TOP 1%

How does a 783 credit score rank?

783 credit score ranks as excellent and is in the top 10 percentile. Rankings go from 330 to 830.

Where can I go to check my credit score?

You can go to to get your free credit reports from the three top credit reporting agencies every year. You can then pay about $8 to get your score from FICO.

What is the top credit score?

850, Im 80 percent sure.

Is the credit score of 583 a good score?

583-619 is bad credit score in credit score range

What is a good range for a credit score?

Good credit score ranges between 680- 750 and above this range credit score is considered excellent. Check your credit score regularly to get an idea about your credit score regularly.

What methods are available to access a free credit card review?

There are a number of free online sites, such as, that will show you your credit scores from the top three reporting agencies. However, if you have never had a loan or a credit card, you have NO credit score. Sadly, this is as damaging as having a bad credit score.

How many points a new update can lower your credit score?

raises it stay on top the numbers

Is FICO score and credit score the same thing?


How is your credit score computed?

Credit scores are personal information. If you can tell me how your credit score is computed then I will tell you how my credit score is computed. Okay?

What credit score is perfect credit and what score is considered bad credit?

Credit score that is around or more than 700 is considered to be good and score below 500 is considered to be bad. It is always advised to constantly monitor your credit score.