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Their are 4 common types of air rifle power plants.

Spring power: or Nitrogen piston power. this uses a large spring inside an air piston tube; When the barrel is cocked (Commonly called a break barrel rifle) the spring is pushed back in the piston chamber and locks. A pellet or BB is loaded. When the trigger is pulled it releases the spring, forcing the piston forward in the air piston chamber, Compressed air fires the pellet out the barrel.

C02: a C02 cartridge is loaded into the rifle and acts as a small air chamber releasing some C02 each time the trigger is fired. Eventually the C02 is used up and has to be replaced.

Pump power. simply you pump the forearm on the rifle and it fills an air tank. When you have enough compressed air you fire the rifle

PCP: Pre Charge Pneumatic: This is a large air tank inside the rifle. It is charged with a bicycle pump or Scuba tank. It's like an oversized C02 tank inside the rifle. Again each time the trigger is pulled the tank releases a burst of air behind the pellet to fire it out of the barrel. This type of air rifle is usually a very high-powered rifle.

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Q: What is a spring-powered air rifle?
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