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It is a bit like underestimated tone. like how you do something and something doesn't think it will work ? yeah, thats what i understnad as a skeptical tone

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A skeptical tone conveys doubt or disbelief towards a particular subject or claim. It often involves questioning the validity or truthfulness of information and may indicate a lack of trust in the sources or evidence presented.

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Q: What is a skeptical tone?
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What is the author tone or attitude toward the government What words and phrases convey her tone?

The author's tone towards the government appears critical, skeptical, or even disapproving. Words and phrases that convey this tone could include "inefficient bureaucracy," "excessive regulations," or "lack of transparency."

What is skeptical receptivity?

The definition of skeptical is “Unbelievable” or “Doubtful”

What was the tone of the author towards judge pyncheon?

The tone of the author towards Judge Pyncheon was critical and skeptical. Hawthorne portrayed Judge Pyncheon as a morally corrupt and manipulative character, highlighting his greed and abuse of power. The author's tone suggests a disapproval of Judge Pyncheon's actions and character.

When was Skeptical Inquirer created?

Skeptical Inquirer was created in 1976.

Sentence using skeptical?

His skeptical look spoke volumes.

How do you use the word sceptical in a sentence?

It's SKEPTICAL. Here are some sentences.I'm skeptical about your ability to use the spell-check program.He gave me a skeptical glance.She has a skeptical attitude toward everything.

What is the tone of macduffs words when he said lest out old robes sit easier than your new?

Macduff's tone in this quote from Shakespeare's "Macbeth" is cautionary and skeptical. He is warning Macbeth to not let his newfound power corrupt him, suggesting that the comfort of his old ways might be preferable to the challenges of his new role.

Did the author believe in the prophetic ability of Frau Frieda?

No, the author did not believe in the prophetic ability of Frau Frieda, as evidenced by the skeptical tone of the text towards her predictions and the focus on rational explanations for her supposed abilities.

When was Committee for Skeptical Inquiry created?

Committee for Skeptical Inquiry was created in 1976.

What is a skeptical person?

A skeptical person (or skeptic) has doubts and doesn't believe easily.

Is there a prefix in the word skeptical?

There is no prefix in the word skeptical. -ical is the suffix in the word.

A sentence with skeptical?

"The people were skeptical when the scientist told them that his son was taken by extraterrestrials."