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Both require motor neurones to carry the nerve impulse to the effector in order for the muscle to contract carry out an action.

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Q: What is a similarity between a reflex action and a voluntary action?
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What is a difference between reflex and voluntary action?

The difference between reflex and voluntary action is that a reflex occurs naturally in response to some sort of stimulus and voluntary action is something that is consciously carried out. An example of a reflex action is gagging and an example of voluntary action is flinching when someone is going to hit you.

What are the differences between voluntary actions and reflex actions?

reflex action is an involuntary action which means to do something physically whereas voluntary action means to do something mentally

An in voluntary action under a stimulus?

A reflex

What is the difference between a reflex and a voluntary muscle?

The difference between a reflex and a voluntary muscle is simply that a reflex is autonomic response to a stimulus thus making it involuntary. This in direct contradiction to a voluntary muscle movement with is done by making the conscious decision to do so.

Is a reflex is a voluntary action?

No, it is by definition involuntary. The neural impulses which cause the action do not go through the brain at all.

Is the pupil a reflex or voluntary?

Pupils reacts to light, narrowing in bright light and widening in poor light - so is a reflex action.

What is the difference between conscious action and reflex action?

A reflex action is an action by which your body does subconsciously or naturally whereas a conscious action is an action that you intentionally respond and act towards.

Is sweating a reflex action?

No it is not a reflex action

Why is a spinal reflex more rapid than a voluntary movement?

AnswerBecause a reflex action is automatic and does not involve a thought process.Edit: A reflex action only has to go to the spinal cord and then back to the limb, whereas a voluntary reaction has to go to the brain to be processed and therefore takes longer.

What is the difference between reflex action and walking?

walking:it is controlled by cerebellum reflex action:it is controlled by spinal cord

What is the difference between involuntary action and reflex action?

An involuntary action is a body process that occurs automatically regardless of external stimulus. In contrast, a reflex is an automated response to an external stimulus.

Is Pulling your finger out of a fire a voluntary move?

No, it is a reflex. More specifically it is known as a flexion reflex.