What is a round of a gun?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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A round is not the same thing as a bullet. A round of ammunition has 4 components. The bullet is the projectile that comes out of the barrel when you pull the trigger, The primer is the component that ignites the powder when it is struck by the firing pin or striker. When the powder is ignited by the primer it burns rapidly which creates expanding gasses that push the bullet out of the barrel. When you combine a case containing the correct amount of powder along with a primer to ignite the powder and a bullet inserted into the case you have a round of ammo. A bullet is not the same thing as ammo. Without the other 3 components a bullet is just a harmless chunk of lead.

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Q: What is a round of a gun?
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A round is loaded into a gun. The gun is then cocked and then fired.

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BB gun. Fires a round BB.

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