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One that has been made and targeted with a specific load at a specific distance.

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Q: What is a regulated firearm?
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Is check for purchase of gun the same as carry permit?

No. If you are buying a firearm from a dealer, this check is regulated by Federal law. A permit to carry (usually to carry a concealed firearm) is regulated by State law. That process varies from state to state.

How old do you have to be to purchase a handgun in Maryland?

21 years old. It is illegal to even possess one if under 21 unless you are doing one of the following: (i) the temporary transfer or possession of a regulated firearm or ammunition solely designed for a regulated firearm if the person is: 1. under the supervision of another who is at least 21 years old and who is not prohibited by State or federal law from possessing a firearm; and 2. acting with the permission of the parent or legal guardian of the transferee or person in possession;( ii) the transfer by inheritance of title, and not of possession, of a regulated firearm; (iii) a member of the armed forces of the United States or the National Guard while performing official duties; (iv) the temporary transfer or possession of a regulated firearm or ammunition solely designed for a regulated firearm if the person is: 1. participating in marksmanship training of a recognized organization; and 2. under the supervision of a qualified instructor; (v) a person who is required to possess a regulated firearm for employment and who holds a permit under Subtitle 3 of this title; or (vi) the possession of a firearm or ammunition for self-defense or the defense of others against a trespasser into the residence of the person in possession or into a residence in which the person in possession is an invited guest.

Are BB guns considered firearms in Oregon?

No they are not regulated but should be handled just like any other firearm.

Can a convicted felon buy gun parts?

A gun part is not a regulated item. However, the frame of a firearm, known as the receiver is legally a firearm. A convicted felon may not possess a firearm, nor may they possess ammunition.

What states consider an air pellet gun with 1000 fps velocity a regulated firearm?

Evanix hunting master model AR6

Do you have to register a firearm the state of Missouri?

Ordinary rifles, shotguns, and handguns, no. NFA regulated items are automatically registered upon purchase.

Is it legal to own a firearm in costa Rica?

Yes, but is IS strictly regulated. It requires individuals to have a permit, to pass written and shooting tests, and there are restrictions on the types of firearms.

Is it legal to make your own firearm?

Generally, you're required to have a Type 7 or Type 10 FFL to manufacture firearms. <><><> The type 7 FFL is required to make guns for sale. In most of the US, it is legal to make your own firearm, but it cannot be sold, and cannot be an otherwise regulated firearm (no machine guns, short barreled shotguns, etc)

How do you change ownership of a gun in Virginia?

Sell it or give it away to someone within the state of Virginia who can legally possess a firearm. No paperwork required, though you can record who you sold/gave the firearm to. Intrastate transfers are not usually regulated unless you live in a state with prohibitive gun laws. Alternatively, you can also sell it online to people in other states via equipment exchanges on forums and other means. However, you MUST send the firearm to an FFL (Federal Firearm Licensee) and the recipient of the firearm must fill out an ATF Form 4473 before taking possession of the firearm.

What are examples of a firearm?

A shotgun is a firearm. A revolver is a firearm. A pistol is a firearm. A rifle is a firearm. If you want even more specific -- A Remington 1187 is a firearm (shotgun). A Smith and Wesson 686 is a firearm (revolver). A Sig Sauer P226 is a firearm (pistol). A Colt 6920 is a firearm (rifle).

Where can I find a receiver for a 410 gauge model 101.1 JC Higgins shotgun?

A receiver is legally a firearm, and is a regulated part. You would need to contact a gunsmith- and you will find you can buy a complete shotgun for less.

How old do you have to be to own a firearm in VA?

In Virginia, as with every state, the federal law plays a trump card. 18 for long barreled firearms (rifles and shotguns), 21 for handguns and NFA regulated items.

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