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A nuclear bomb

or atomic bomb

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Q: What is a nuclear weapon in which enormous energy is released by nuclear fission?
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What is a nuclear weapon in wich enormous energy is released by nuclear fission?

This nuclear weapon is called an atomic bomb or a nuclear bomb

When a nuclear fission reaction occurs an enormous amount of energy is released This energy comes from?

The release of excess binding energy.

How is uranium made in to energy we can use?

Uranium-235 react with thermal neutrons in a nuclear reaction called fission. The enormous energy released by the nuclear fission can be transformed in electricity and heat in nuclear reactors.

Outline on nuclear energy?

Definition: energy from nuclear fission or fusion: the energy released by nuclear fission or fusion

Nuclear weapons in which enormous energy is released by nuclear fission?

During the detonation of a nuclear bomb an enormous amount of energy is released as fission due to the splitting (fissioning) of atoms of uranium or plutonium. In the case of a simple nuclear weapon (such as those dropped on Japan during World War 2) this is where the explosion stops. In the case of a hydrogen bomb, also referred to as a thermonuclear weapon, the energy released by the fission is used to trigger the fusion of atoms of hydrogen, releasing energy in the same way that the sun produces energy.

How does nuclear fission generates energy?

The heat released by nuclear fission is transformed in electrical energy.

Is a nuclear fission a chemical energy?

The energy released is nuclear energy.

How is uranium processed into energy?

Nuclear fission of uranium-235 release fission energy.The fission energy is enormous compared to the energy obtained from fossil fuels.

What is it when energy is released through fission or fusion?

Nuclear energy

Is nuclear energy released during nuclear fission?


What is the use of plutonium in a nuclear bomb?

Plutonium is the core of a nuclear weapon; the nuclear fission release an enormous quantity of energy and radiations.

Nuclear energy that is used to power nuclear powerplants?

Nuclear energy generated by nuclear fissions of nuclear fuels.