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20-40 is considered normal

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Q: What is a normal result for CA 27.29 blood test?
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Is a 3.2 CO blood test result normal?


Fasting for estrogen blood test?

hi please could you tell me if my estrogen blood test result is normal its 1.78

What is a normal result for PRO-BNP blood test?

Depending on the lab that does the test. Range of normal is 0-125 pg/ml

What is a normal result for a phlebography test?

Normal phlebography results show proper blood flow through the leg veins.

If you get a normal CA-125 blood test result is there still a chance of having ovarian cancer?


What are the normal results of a stress test?

A normal result of an exercise stress test shows normal electrocardiogram tracings and heart rate, blood pressure within the normal range, and no angina, unusual dizziness, or shortness of breath.

Is 87 low for plt blood work?

The normal range for "PLT Blood Work" test is between 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood. Don't understand how test result is showing "87".

What does a high result per a TSH blood test determine?

high TSH than the normal range means hypothyrodism.

What is essentially normal in a blood test?


My latest blood test after fasting is 108?

A blood glucose level of 108 mg/dL after fasting is within normal range. Normal fasting blood glucose levels typically range from 70 to 100 mg/dL. It's a good idea to monitor your blood sugar levels regularly to ensure they stay within the normal range.

What if you prefer a test result?

This would depend on what kind of test result is needed: a physical exam result, a school test, a blood test, etc. If it concerns a test result due to blood or other test, you can request the result from the family physician. If the test result concerns education, this is up to the teacher or professor but you can ask..

What does a normal angiogram reveal?

test results should display a normal and unimpeded flow of blood through the vascular system. Fluorescein angiography should result in no leakage of fluorescein dye through the retinal blood vessels.